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Visual Arts 5

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Wendy Csoka
In July, 1997, artist Wendy Csoka underwent 10-1/2 hours of Neurosurgery for the removal of a benign brain tumor. The following images were painted by Wendy before and after her surgery. She has the unique ability to share her experience visually, which helped her through the process and resonates with all those who see the paintings. From the terror of the day before surgery, to the moment when she threw away the cane she needed for balance for months after, these paintings are an inspiration for anyone faced with a life-threatening illness. (Artist's descriptions accompany her works.) Please also see her work at our Featured Artists pages.


The News
48" x 77"

This was painted the day Wendy received the news of her brain tumor. Notice the figure in the center of the painting. It is holding its head on the left side, the location of the tumor.


Be of Good Courage
72" x 49"

This painting was the first new painting executed three months after surgery. It represents all the flowers, prayers and love Wendy received. Musical notes are emanating from the left ear of the figure. Wendy loves music and her perception of it has been altered due to the loss of hearing in her surgery ear.


49" x 63"

This image is about Wendy and her mother. The blue figure represents Wendy, the "holding" figure is her mother. Wendy needed the presence of her mother during this difficult time in her life.


The Music Box
49" x 66"

On the day Wendy left the hospital, her husband gave her a music box. It is a happy, colorful music box and the musical selection is "Wind Beneath My Wings."


The Cane
68" x 49"

In this painting Wendy is letting go of her cane which she had been using for support since her operation. In June 1997, the last exhibit Wendy participated in before her surgery, she showed a painting titled "Ride the Horse in the Direction it's Going." The blue horse in this painting represents her realization of how important that saying is.


Painting on wall:
Love One Another
57" x 49"

Wendy Csoka (left) and Naomi Katz, Esq. Installation of painting "Love One Another" on the 11th floor of NYU Medical Center, September 1, 1998.

Alexandria Heather-Vazquez
[email protected]
Alexandria Heather-Vazquez was first published at the age of nine. Her work has appeared in dozens of publications, magazines, books and galleries, both in the United States and abroad. She uses a variety of pseudonyms to examine the responses to identical art from male and female artists. Although this experiment has many variables, thus far she has discovered that the responses to male pseudonyms overwhelm the female names for the same works. A multi-media artist, her work examines the many imbalances within our world. Dedicated to the belief that men and women must recognize each other and the earth as interdependent organisms, her art, films, poems and fiction are the end result of an ongoing process of understanding years of childhood sexual abuse. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, stepdaughter, turtle, iguanas, and two very pushy cats.






"Devil's Haircut"


"Sunday Morning NYC"

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