Art by Outsider, Visionary, Art Singulier + Intuitive Artists

Gallery information: 631- 591-2401

Art Sites, 651 West Main Street (Route 25), Riverhead, New York 11901

Date: December 1, 2007 through February 17, 2008

Gallery Hours: Thursday –Sunday, 12-5 PM.

For group tour information and additional hours call 631-591-2401



The artists featured in this exhibit include:  
Donna Balma / Jim Bloom / Ross Brodar/ Candyce Brokaw/ Paul Gasoi / Giovanni Gelardi /Anne Grgich/ Danielle Jacqui / John Levien / 
Peter Marbury / Mark May/Dominic Montiglio/Ody Saban/ 
Gerard Sendrey / Alison Silva / Cynthia Torroll / Uncle Frank Verni

“Nothing is Black + White” implies nothing is straight forward especially Outsider, Visionary, Art Singulier + Intuitive Art. The terms describe paintings, drawings and sculpture by artists, usually, but not exclusively, self-taught, that are close to Art Brut, both in appearance and directness of expression. These are the artists 'on the margins', that grey area of definition that lies between Outsider Art and normal mainstream art, with a passionate and compulsive need to create their particular art.. While these artists create emotional and visionary work, often associated with an introverted life, many of these artists have started organizations to empower others with similar interests and experiences, documented other artists’ careers, or worked with the disabled. This exhibit hopes to let the artists present themselves directly, with their emotive shades of gray.

The works of a combination of internationally recognized and new cutting edge artists will be displayed. Frank Verni’s work has not been shown before. George Maul of New Suffolk rescued his uncle’s unique creations from the trash after his death. Constructed of paints and elmers glue, they have a translucent bubbly texture with a fascination for faces. (A fuller statement by Mr. Maul is attached.) John Levien of Cutchogue will show his three-dimensional, complex collages. Peter Marbury of East Moriches will display small sculptures and Candyce Brokaw will exhibit her linear drawings and assemblages. Through connections made by the Survivor’s Art Foundation, which Candyce Brokaw founded, work is being sent from as far away as France and British Columbia. Many have been published and are represented in major collections, such as the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore or the Folk Art Museum, NY. Works range from the small, delightful sculptures of Mark May, who teaches the disabled, to large ink drawings by Ody Saban.

The exhibition is in collaboration with Survivors Art Foundation, a portion of the proceeds of the event will benefit the organization. * Dedicated to encourage healing through the arts, Survivors Art Foundation is a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization committed to empowering trauma survivors with expressive outlets via internet art gallery, outreach programs, national exhibitions, and publications. Its goals are to provide entertainment, education, and exposure to the arts, endeavoring to raise public awareness through the arts, eradicating abuse and creating an atmosphere of acceptance for survivors with disabilities.