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Survivors Art Foundation

Our Board of Directors

Michael Herships, Ph.D.
President of the Board; SAF Project Leader

Graduated Cum Laude from Princeton University in 1966 with a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, and from Stanford University with a M.S. in Aeronautics & Astronautics. Dr. Herships has been working with computers and related engineering design equipment for the past 31 years. From 1968 through 1971 he worked at Grumman Aerospace Corporation, developing computer programs to calculate the fluid flow around the space shuttle during re-entry and low speed flight. He wrote the aerodynamic/heat transfer section of Grumman's space shuttle proposal. He also has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and maintains a private practice on Long Island.

Candyce Brokaw
Executive Director

Ms. Brokaw is a survivor of sexual abuse and rape. She founded Survivors Art Foundation after experiencing the tremendous relief and healing power of the arts directly. She used her particular art forms, illustrations and poetry, to express great feelings of pain, despair and rage. "The arts have allowed me to purge many otherwise negative feelings and turn them around into positive healing experiences."

"I hope to help clear the path of obstacles and to better enable survivors to find the resources to market their particular art skills, thus allowing them both the monetary and emotional rewards they deserve. I would also like to introduce survivors with limited art backgrounds to new skills and a vehicle to help them process their pain, allowing them a positive and non- self-destructive path to use in their healing. Art can create a new outlet for frustration and pent-up feelings, removing old behaviors, that could in the past destroy families and further continue the cycle of abuse. The goal is to enable both parent and child with a shared appreciation of each other and the arts."

"The Survivors Art Foundation is cause for hope and celebration, and survivor helping survivor."

Margaret Ashe Magistro

Ms. Magistro is known as a passionate supporter of survivors issues. She has been actively involved in many survivor related causes, such as AIDS programs, Breast and Ovarian Cancer organizations, and on a more grass roots level, community activities such as local food pantries and soup kitchens, supplying food for the needy.

Ms. Magistro's business background is extensive. She has worked for the City Council of Greater New York and for Citibank, as assistant to the Vice President of Real-estate Management from 1976 through 1980.

The role of Secretary /Treasurer is a very familiar one for Ms. Magistro. She continues to sit on the Board of Directors of the Bronx Pro-Management Corporation in that same capacity since 1983. The Corporation is currently involved with the City of New York in a ten million dollar revitalization program that is designed to provide low income housing tenants with freshly renovated apartments, giving otherwise struggling families a home with a secured lower rent.

Long time advocate's for families in need, Ms. Magistro and her husband Peter continue to work and strive for a higher quality of life for all. " I feel very fortunate in life and my family is a huge part of that. I would like to do what I can to help others raise their families with quality, safety and integrity." She resides on Long Island with her husband and three children.

Ms. Magistro is member of the Road Runners Club, and enjoys running as both a sport and to help support fundraising efforts of organizations like the CURE.

"Although I am not an artist, I have always felt drawn to the arts. Theater, music and dance are all in my heart."

Linni Deihl, M.Ed, ADTR
Director of Dance Arts

Ms. Deihl has extensive professional ballet and modern dance teaching and performing experience. She studied dance therapy with Marion Chace, Mary Whitehouse, and other pioneer dance therapists, and Effort/Shape Movement Analysis with Martha Davis, Irmgard Bartenieff, Marion North and others. Her psychiatric background includes training in psychoanalytic psychology, gestalt therapy, family therapy and sexual therapy. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of the American Dance Therapy Association for eight years.

Ms. Deihl resides on Long Island with her daughter Jessica and has private psychotherapy practice in Quogue, NY. She provides supervision for alternate route students working toward DTR and Dance Therapists working toward ADTR; conducts dance therapy workshops, courses and training groups; has served as a faculty member and guest lecturer at many colleges and universities including Columbia University, Brown University Medical School, Pratt Institute, Sarah Lawrence College, Barnard College, Smith College, Connecticut College, Rhode Island School of Design, York University, Drake University, Naropa Institute, Rutgers University, George Washington University, Queens College, Southampton College, Hahnemann Medical College, and SUNY at Buffalo and conducted a two month dance therapy workshop tour of Western Europe in 1985.

In addition she conducted the Dance Therapy Courses at the American Dance Festival from 1973-1979. She has worked as a clinical dance therapist in hospitals such as the New York State Psychiatric Institute, Harlem Hospital, Dingleton Hospital in Scotland, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the New York City Prison Mental Health Unit and Downstate Medical Center Department of Child Adolescent Psychiatry. In addition, she has presented dance therapy concepts to psychiatric conferences and has published various articles on her work. She is the editor of the Dance Therapy Bibliography 1981 published by the ADTA. She currently specializes in treating eating disorders, from anorexia to obesity, other P.T.S.D./stress related problems and the terminally ill (AIDS and Cancer).

Ms. Deihl brings to our Foundation an immense volume of knowledge and experience in the fields of both dance and dance therapy, to help survivors heal and go forth.

Susan Bailey
Member, SAF Board

Susan Bailey, after growing up in South Africa, spent 10 years travelling the world as a professional dancer and performer. She retired to raise her five children and study alternative healing and shamanism. She continues to dance, teaching African dance to adults on the East End of Long Island where she lives with her husband and children. Her youngest son Daniel teaches African drum techniques and plays for the dance classes.She takes her love of indigenous cultures into the schools where she introduces children to the stories, dances and rhythms of tribal peoples. Susan has a healing practice in the New York area.

Marcus Schubert
Member, SAF Advisory Board
Marcus Schubert, a freelance photographer, sculptor and educator is currently principal curator for the American Visionary Art Museum, in Baltimore, Maryland. Recently he was awarded an inaugural senior residency at Tryon Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, North Carolina. He retains membership on the International Advisory Boards for both Raw Vision Magazine (U.K.) and the Survivor's Art Foundation of Long Island, New York. He is also a principal correspondent for the U.S. based Meta Museum - a global, collaborative league of artists, curators and educators.

A graduate of Media Studies at Ryerson Polytechnic University’s Department of Film and Photography (1976-1981), he is the recipient of numerous Canada Council for the Arts grants and awards for his work in landscape, architectural and portrait photography. Mr. Schubert, an active member of the Toronto Photographer’s Workshop since 1979, has held positions there on the board of executives and exhibitions committee, and has served as juror for the Ontario Arts Council. He resides in his birthplace (b.1955) of Toronto, Canada.

    Inaugural Senior Artist-in-Residence, Tryon Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Principal Exhibitions
    High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA., New Orleans Museum of Fine Art, New Orleans, LA., Museum of Art & Design, University of N. Carolina, Raleigh, NC., Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne, Switzerland, Winthrop University Galleries, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Rock Hill, SC., Durham Arts Center, Durham, NC., Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York City, Spirit Square, Charlotte, NC., Emily Davis Gallery, University of Akron, OH., Yucatan Cultural Institute, Merida, Mexico, Aaron Packer Gallery, Chicago, Ill., Colleen Greco Gallery, Philadelphia, PA., Montebello Park Gallery, Suffern, NY., Center for Visual Arts, Newcastle, ON., Presentation House, Vancouver, BC., Toronto Venues: Italian Cultural Institute, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Photographer’s Workshop, Wuohela Galleries, Toronto Image Works, l’Alliance Française, Market Gallery.

    Noteworthy Publications
    Self-Made Worlds, Aperture, New York, Outsiders II: Visionary Environments by Marcus Schubert, Kyoto-Shoin, Japan, Raw Vision: The International Journal for Outsider Art, London, U.K., Inner Architecture as Outsider Art: The Photographs of Marcus Schubert, an essay by John MacGregor Ph.D., San Francisco, California.

    Lecture Engagements
    Museum of American Folk Art, New York City, Ontario College of Art, Toronto, ON., University of Akron, School of Art, Akron, OH., Tryon Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, NC., Winthrop University - School of Visual Art, Rock Hill, SC., Haliburton School of Fine Art - Sir Sanford Flemming College, Haliburton, ON., Three Arts Club, Chicago, Ill., Meta Museum, Black Mountain, SC., Eigensinn Art Park, Singhampton, ON.

    Teaching Engagements
    Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, ON., Photography: Studio & Darkroom Techniques.
    Sir Sanford Flemming College/Haliburton School of Fine Arts, Haliburton, ON.., Wire Sculpture.
    Southampton School of Fine Art, Southampton, ON., Ferro-Cement Sculpture, Wire Sculpture.
    Meta Museum, Black Mountain, NC., Creative Biscotti, Styles of Sushi.
    Georgian Bay School of Art, Collingwood,ON., Beyond Basic Photography, Ferro-Cement Sculpture, Wire Sculpture. Tryon Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, NC., New Photographic Processes: The Giclée Print.

    The Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, PQ., Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, ON., Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MA., Presentation House, Vancouver, BC., New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA.,Tryon Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, NC., Bibliotèque National, Paris, France, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Chartres, France, Musée de l’Art Brut, Lausanne, Switzerland, Outsiders Archive, London, U.K., Museo Zoologico della Specola, Florence, Italy, Istituto di Anatomia, Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy, Museo Storico Nazionale delle Arte Sanitaria, Rome, Italy, Maogräflich Badische Verwaltung und Museen, Salem, Germany, Toronto Collections: Toronto Image Works, Toronto Photographer’s Workshop, Centre for Visual Resources, Ryerson Polytechnic University.

    Curatorial Projects
    “Breaking the Walls of Bias” - Survivor’s Art Foundation, Hofstra Musum, Long Island, NY.
    “Treasures of the Soul: Who is Rich?” - American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland.
    “Introit for a Third Millennium - The works of Paul Lowry” - Gallery 44, Toronto.
    “Offerings from the Dharmakaya” - l’Alliance Française, Toronto.
    “Landsites: Ryerson Alumni” - Harbourfront Photographer’s Gallery, Toronto.
    “Distant Lands, Imagined Worlds” - Centre for Visual Art, Newcastle, Ontario.

    Grants & Awards
    Millennium Arts Fund: 1999 - 2000
    Canada Arts Council: 1987, 1985, 1983, 1981, 1980
    Ontario Arts Council: 1989, 1986, 1983
    Photoperspectives Œ85 Purchase Award
    Ontario Society of Artists Juried Exhibition - Award of Excellence

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